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Factory of Christmas decorations

Production and sale

Production and sale of Christmas decorations

LLC "YURiTA" - Christmas decorations factory, which specializes in manufacturing and wholesale of glass Christmas decorations.

The Ukrainian company YURiTA, Ltd specializes on production and realization of the wide range of handmade Christmas-tree decorations. Big variety, high quality and reasonable price of original Christmas-tree decorations haven’t left the Ukrainian customers indifferent. YURiTA, Ltd was founded in 2011. Since then the company steadily extends, develops its production and gets regular customers. At present handmade Christmas-tree decorations of YURiTA, Ltd are presented in stores in different cities of Ukraine.

Advantages of the Company

- Professionalism. The company has wide experience in production and realization of handmade Christmas-tree decorations.

- High quality standards. Quality control of production is present at each of its phase. Due to this fact the products of the company distinguishes by quality and durability.

- Wide range. One of the main purposes of the company is to satisfy wide demand of its customers. Therefore the range of Christmas-tree decorations of YURiTA, Ltd is constantly updated.

- Openness to cooperation. YURiTA, Ltd is interested in cooperation with open and reliable partners for expansion of realization of its range.

YURiTA, Ltd manufactures unique Christmas-tree decorations that are made and painted manually. These decorations are the top-quality products fabricated according to the last trends. The wide range, colorful design, absolute originality and traditional Ukrainian motives in paintings don't leave indifferent even experienced connoisseur of New Year's decor. Christmas-tree decorations of YURiTA, Ltd really breathe magic in the festive atmosphere of each house.

Recently the flower theme on Christmas-tree decorations has become very popular. Gentle pink roses on a silver background are elegant and magnificent for manual painting.

Juicy fruits on Christmas-tree decorations make them bright and attractive. Summer motives during winter holidays are original and cheerful.

Golden Christmas-tree decorations are an eternal trend. They are perfectly combined with white, blue, red decorations, creating a unique image for a New Year tree.

Image of Father Frost is the pivotal for New Year's holidays. Therefore Christmas-tree decorations with his image are always actual and beautiful.

The religious theme of Christmas-tree decorations with the image of churches in beautiful winter surroundings fits to the period of Christmas holidays.

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